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Private Owners That Accept Evictions near Illinois

Eviction can be a challenging and distressing experience for renters in Illinois, especially when searching for a new place to live. Many landlords and property management companies have strict policies regarding evictions, making it incredibly difficult for those with a history of eviction to find suitable housing. However, there are still private owners in Illinois who are willing to give individuals a second chance, understanding the complexities of the eviction process and the potential for redemption.

Challenges Faced by Individuals with Evictions

Eviction can occur due to various circumstances, such as financial hardships, job loss, or personal issues. Unfortunately, these individuals often face significant challenges while trying to secure new housing. Traditional landlords may automatically reject applicants with eviction histories, viewing them as high-risk tenants. This leaves many individuals feeling trapped and hopeless, with nowhere to go.

The Importance of Private Owners

Private owners who accept tenants with eviction histories play a vital role in providing a lifeline for individuals to start anew. These property owners understand that eviction does not define a person's character, nor does it guarantee future problems as a tenant. They consider other aspects, such as credit history, income stability, and references, to make an informed decision.

How to Find Private Owners That Accept Evictions

Finding private owners who are willing to accept tenants with eviction histories may require a different approach compared to the traditional housing search. Here are some suggestions to improve the chances of finding suitable housing:

  1. Network: Reach out to local community organizations, non-profit agencies, or social workers who may be aware of private owners that accept evictions. These entities often have connections and resources to guide individuals in the right direction.
  2. Online platforms: Utilize online rental platforms that allow landlords to specify their criteria for potential tenants. Some platforms have filters that enable the search for private owners who are eviction-friendly.
  3. Word-of-mouth: Inform friends, family, and acquaintances about the housing search, as they might have connections with landlords who are willing to overlook eviction histories.
  4. Join local housing forums: Participate in online forums or groups dedicated to housing in Illinois. Members often share resources and experiences, including their success stories with eviction-friendly private owners.

Tips for Renters with Evictions

Although finding a private owner willing to accept an eviction history is a positive step, renters should be prepared to present themselves in the best light possible. Here are a few tips to increase the chances of securing a new rental:

  1. Open communication: Be upfront about past evictions and provide an explanation for the circumstances leading to them. Honesty can help build trust with potential landlords.
  2. Provide references: Gather references from previous landlords, employers, or trusted acquaintances who can vouch for your reliability as a tenant.
  3. Demonstrate financial stability: Highlight a stable source of income, whether it be through employment, government assistance, or other verified means.
  4. Offer to pay a higher security deposit: Providing a larger security deposit can show landlords that you are committed to meeting your financial obligations.


Individuals with eviction histories often struggle to find suitable housing due to strict policies set by many landlords and property management companies. However, there are private owners near Illinois who recognize the need to give individuals a second chance. Through networking, utilizing online platforms, and engaging with local communities, renters can increase their chances of finding private owners willing to accept evictions. By demonstrating openness, providing references, and showing financial stability, renters can build trust with potential landlords and secure a fresh start.