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Gibson Truss Rod Adjustment Direction


Gibson is a renowned guitar manufacturer that has been producing high-quality guitars for decades. One of the key features of Gibson guitars is their adjustable truss rod, which allows players to fine-tune the neck relief of the instrument. This article will guide you through the process of adjusting the truss rod on a Gibson guitar.

Tools Required

Before attempting to adjust your Gibson guitar's truss rod, you will need several tools:

  1. Guitar tuner
  2. Truss rod wrench or Allen key (size may vary depending on the model)
  3. Screwdriver (if needed to remove the truss rod cover)

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Prepare Your Guitar

Start by ensuring that your guitar is in tune. Use a guitar tuner to check the pitch of each string and make any necessary adjustments.

2. Locate the Truss Rod Adjustment Point

The truss rod adjustment point is typically located at the headstock end of the neck, underneath a truss rod cover. Use a screwdriver to remove the truss rod cover, if necessary, and expose the adjustment point.

3. Determine the Correct Direction

Gibson guitars are designed with a dual-action truss rod, meaning it can be adjusted in both directions. To determine the correct direction for adjustment, observe the neck of your guitar.

4. Make Small Adjustments

When making adjustments to the truss rod, it's important to make small turns to avoid over-tightening or loosening. Start by turning the truss rod a quarter of a turn in the required direction.

5. Re-Tune and Re-Evaluate

After making the initial adjustment, re-tune your guitar and check the neck relief. If necessary, make additional small adjustments until the desired neck relief is achieved. Remember, patience is key during this process.

6. Replace the Truss Rod Cover

Once you're satisfied with the neck relief, replace the truss rod cover using a screwdriver and ensure it is securely fastened.


Properly adjusting the truss rod on your Gibson guitar is crucial in maintaining optimal playability and preventing any potential damage to the instrument. By following this step-by-step guide, you can confidently adjust the truss rod and enhance the overall performance of your Gibson guitar. Remember, if you're unsure or uncomfortable making these adjustments yourself, it's always a good idea to consult a professional guitar technician for assistance. Happy playing!